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Executive Director

I have always had a genuine interest in helping others. As a child I can remember getting in trouble for getting out of my seat to help other students. As I got older my parents taught me to always help others as long as I was not harming myself in the process. I soon discovered that my desire to help others was more of “a way of living” and a principal that guided my personal and professional life.

My commitment to help others continued as I earned my B.S. in Psychology. I hold a Masters of Science in Rehabilitation Counseling from Thomas University. I am also certified as a Rehabilitation Counselor, Certified Addiction Counselor II (Georgia) and a National Certificated Addiction Counselor II.

My most recent work experience includes being the Clinic Manager of a Narcotic Treatment Program with Aegis Medical Systems in California – – treating heroin and other drug dependencies on an outpatient basis – – and occupying the position of Child & Adolescent Program Manager for Sycamore Centre.

I believe that every person regardless of their origin, history, or socio-economic status has strengths, worth and dignity. I believe in empowering people to acknowledge, identify and use their talents. I my work I see every day how truly important it is to validate who we and to utilize the skills and gifts God has given each of us.
I am a devoted wife and the proud mother of three teen-aged girls and one son.